EEML for Processing

The EEML library for Processing enables simple creation, access and manipulation of EEML documents. With the EEML library it is easy to set up connections to Pachube in order to:

Note: if you are a beginner and want to use Arduino + Processing to connect to Pachube, you might find Pachuino quicker and simpler than using the EEML library alone.


Download the latest EEML library for Processing.

The library has been tested on Processing 0124 to 0157, on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Once unzipped, the entire folder 'eeml' should be placed in Processing's Libraries folder.



November 21, 2008: Version 1.01 - Minor update to conform to Processing 1.0 library guidelines.

October 13, 2008: Version 1.0 - New manual update feature, in preparation for new Pachube features. See DataOut in EEML library documentation for more info.

June 21, 2008: Version 0.9 - New methods: DataIn.getMaximum(), DataIn.getMinimum(), DataIn.getUnits(); also DataOut.setLocation() now works with either full location meta-data, or only exposure/domain/disposition, or only latitude/longitude/elevation. Changed some console error reporting so that non-serious errors when receiving too many requests no longer look so dangerously red.

June 13, 2008: Version 0.8 - in preparation for a future Pachube feature, there is now an eemlPOST() method which enables manual updates of EEML documents by POST rather than waiting for a request. Also cleaned up some code, removed the old "getAge()" method which was non-functional because of an old change in EEML structure and added a getStatus() method which returns info about the feed status ("live","frozen" or "no status").

April 16, 2008: Version 0.7 - in preparation for imminent Pachube release, updated to work with Pachube authentication keys; added new getURL() method to dataIn, to remind which URL has been requested.

February 14, 2008: added 'HTTP/1.1 200 OK' and 'application/xml' header.

January 26, 2008: new EEML library released, v0.5.

Known issues


EEML library documentation is available here.

Source code is included in the library download, but can also be browsed here: EEML @ Googlecode.

Various tutorials and an introduction to EEML and Pachube for Arduino/Processing users are available.


Any questions, comments, requests please contact info [ at ] eeml [ dot ] org. Thanks!